Quotes by Great Trend Traders

Quotes by some of the greatest trend traders, which are relevant to the way trend followers trade. 

“When you have a position, you put it on for a reason, and you’ve got to keep it until the reason no longer exists. Don’t take profits just for the sake of taking profits, you have to have a strategy, know how it works and follow through on it.”

~Richard Dennis, mentor of the turtle traders


“I never predict price movements, i just follow them”

Richard Donchian, the Father of Trend Following


“We know that we know almost nothing. but the “almost nothing” we know isn’t completely nothing, and we only bet on that.”

~David Harding, founder of Winton Capital


“We don’t make market predictions. We just ride the bucking bronco.”

~Bill Dunn, founder of Dunn Capital Management Inc


“Trend following isn’t supposed to be fun, it’s supposed to be about winning profits!”

“I don’t believe that I am the only person who cannot predict future prices. No one consistently can predict anything, especially investors. Prices, not investors, predict the future. Despite this, investors hope or believe that they can predict the future, or someone else can. A lot of them look to you to predict what the next macroeconomic cycle will be. We rely on the fact that other investors are convinced that they can predict the future, and I believe that’s where our profits come from. I believe it’s that simple.”

~John W. Henry, founder of John W. Henry & Company, Inc


“The market is never wrong”

~Jerry Parker, founder of Chesapeake Capital Management


“Never risk more than 1% of your total equity in any one trade. By risking 1%, I am indifferent to any individual trade. Keeping your risk small and constant is absolutely critical.”

“If you diversify, control your risk, and go with the trend, it just has to work.”

“I don’t trade for excitement; I trade to win.”

~Larry Hite, founder of Hite Capital LLC

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